DeeTales Podcast Recap Queen To Bey

Links and info on the topics we discussed in Episode 3: Queen To Bey

This week was all about the 2015 Met Gala. Now look. We know there are all kinds of horrors and injustices going on and people are in pain and poor and all the leaves are brown. Being excited about fashion and the spectacle of the Met Gala doesn't mean we aren't deep. It means we needed a break from the news. Some of y'all really tried it with that meme comparing the gala to the Hunger Games elite and Baltimore as District 13. Umm chill. If we go through some of y'all instagrams I bet we would find all kinds of selfies, vacations, bikini pics and new car flossing, pretty much you enjoying life and not giving a second thought to what's happening in the world in that moment. HAVE A SEAT! 

Ok back the fashion! 


And of course Beyonce shut it all the way down

No words. Just...none. The Coming To America realness had us singing...

Gronk twerked

And Deidre and Melynda swapped horror stories from when they worked with kids and Deidre promised to make Finger Juice the next time she sees Melynda.

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