Dressing Room Project: Carrie On :)

For the last few weeks I've been obsessed with turning my junk room into a chic and stylish dressing room like Carrie Bradshaw's in Sex & the City.

Pretty kick ass right? Well, here is my closet....

A hot mess!

So now I'm dedicating the next month to transforming the junk room into a dressing room! A place where I can try on my clothes, apply make up, display my accessories and listen to music without disturbing up my resting place.

One of the benefits of being single and a homeowner, (yep, contrary to what society wants you to believe, they do exist!) I have extra room and total say-so on what those rooms will be used for. I have a den, a guest room, home office and now I'll have my very own dressing room. Oh you fancy huh? :)

It won't be easy but I'm already making progress. Here are some before shots.

Old IKEA couch

 Entertainment center with TV/DVR..I really want to keep the DVR and TV but the unit isn't doing much for the room....
 More junk...pilates machine and clothes baskets. I need to utilize that wire storage unit. Right now it just has socks and mittens in it.
 Sweaters, and junk all over the place (and yes I'm watching the Hangover)

So there it is, my inspiration and my current situation. I'm going to chronicle the process here on Dee-tales. I know it won't be easy but I'm determined to make this room work and for under $200.  I'll be back tomorrow with more updates. Wish me luck!