Eat, Pray, Bounce


 So I mentioned last week I was starting a journey called "Eat, Pray, Bounce." Not as deep as Elizabeth Gilbert's bestseller, but I'm just a girl, with a dream, wait that's the wrong Julia Robert's movie.

Eat, Pray Bounce is my take on leaving home for adventure, to reflect on life, meet new people, see new things and do dope stuff. So I'm going to be traveling, eating, yummy delicious things, praying and getting in touch with my soul in ways I couldn't while in my "own" space, then I'm bouncing to the next adventure!

How Sway? Well, I have some amazing friends who are thoughtful, generous and bold enough to support me on this journey. I'm also balling on a budget and cashing in every gift card, coupon and discount code in my inbox to make this happen.

First stop? New York City! My FAVORITE place, my home in my head and heart. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of (you're singing it aren't you?)

For over a year I've been going on about Hamilton: An American Musical. A story about a man on a mission, who came from nothing and used his voice to fight his way out of despair. Sound familiar?  I know I'm not alone, we all have our stuff and I'm here to tell you, don't throw away your shot sitting in your feelings and playing it safe.

So I hopped on a bus (yep a bus, balling on a budget, y'all) and came to New York to see Hamilton with a new cast and all I can say is WOW! Get your life! Get the soundtrack, get it together!

Before the show, we hung out in Times Square trying to look as un-touristy as possible.

We had lunch at Havanna Central. The empanadas and rice and beans were fantastic!



For dessert I had a pina colada cake and let me tell you, it tasted like heaven. Look at it, don't you want some?

After stuffing my face, I made my way to the theatre a good 2.5 hours before the show. I saw so many members of the cast walk by and I tried to play it cool. I saw Brandon Victor Dixon who plays Aaron Burr.  He was nice enough to take a photo.

Thirty minutes after that, my Broadway dreams came true. Lin-Manuel Miranda was at the theatre, doing what I don't know. Maybe collecting his check for his cut of this week's profits, or perhaps working on a skit for his SNL gig next week? Don't know but I know when I saw that man, my heart stopped! He's the very REASON I'm in NYC and he's in my face? What!!! Class act, super kind and knows how to work and iPhone. He took mine from my trembling hands and took a few shots (get it) of us outside the theatre.

image1 (1).JPG

That. just. happened.

The play was on point. The new cast DID THAT THING and it was great seeing OG's Anthony Ramos and Oak. I will go into more details on my blog but here are a few snaps for the kids!

Life is good y'all. Things are getting better. I feel better and I'm so grateful! Just as I left North Carolina, I made a couple t-shirts that were a hit and they are back in stock. Get one now! 



Ok loves, I gotta bounce. I am about to hit the town and have some fun in the greatest city in the world!