Can't Trust It Recap

Links and info on the topics we discussed in Episode 1: Can't Trust It.

If you would like to know more about transgender equality after the Bruce Jenner interview, visit the National Center for Transgender Equality 

Here is Deidre and Melynda's favorite Kanye West video All Falls Down. More irony? Stacey Dash is in the video. She's since lost her damn mind and works for Fox News.

Now that Shonda Rhimes has killed our beloved Derek Christopher Shepherd, Grey's fans must rely on Dr. Jackson Avery to hold it down with his fine self! For real, Jesse Williams plays Jackson by day and slays ignorance and racism on social media when he scrubs out. Here is a link to his website.

He's fine and smart!!!!

We also showed love to life at HBCUs, specifically the food, homecoming concerts and A Different World.

Thanks for listening! 

Joy in the Morning: Beyonce and Jay-Z On The Run Tour


So I've been threatening to come out of web-tirement for a few months now but, life kept getting in the way and we will get to that later!

I was having a really rough morning. I was work-a-cidal meaning I was dying to get home. No shade to my job, it was just difficult returning to work after spending a wonderful weekend with my loved ones plus I was sleepy and hangry. Not to mention, it's been a craptastic week in pop culture. Between shower rod sex, housewives fighting and racist team owners, I needed some good news. And at 8:10 my Lord delivered.

For real, for real, I wept. Real tears when I heard about Beyonce and Jay-Z touring together. For those of you who aren't down with the Carters, follow the ushers and they will show you to the exits to the left, to the left.

 If you know me, you know I've been waiting for this since Skippy was a puppy. This is my Super Bowl. These are my Olympics, this is the mother trucking CARTER FAMILY ON TOUR!!!

My friend/co-worker told me the news and my response was too colorful to repost (my momma reads this) but let's just say I lost every ounce of chill the I was blessed with.

Y'all just don't know. When the rumors started circulating, I threw some change in my Bey Bank and I am so glad I did! Tickets are on sale tomorrow for Beehive stans like myself and I am throwing all my coins at Queen Bey. And let's face it, they don't need my change, when Blue Ivy is walking around like this:

Point is, I'm over the moon and I'm ready for this concert! I've seen them separately but never together. I thought about posting the tour schedule on here but I don't need no competition when I'm placing my order. Y'all are on ya own!

Until then, just know that I am going to do whatever it takes to get to this show. If you know anyone looking for part time help, a kidney, some lady eggs, just holla at me ok? 

And to quote Nettie Harris from The Color Purple, when it comes to the On The Run Tour: 

Have a BEYutiful day!!

Oh Baby Baby: Britney Spears Femme Fatale Tour

Last night Raleigh, NC had its face rocked off by the awesomeness of Britney Spears and her Femme Fatale Tour. 

If you know me, you know I've been down with Britney since she was a brunette in track pants doing flips at car washes in her Baby One More Time video. My love is true. I even saw that movie Crossroads opening night when it hit theaters.

When Justin Timberlake dissed her in that Cry Me A River video, I defended her. I mean c'mon did she really cheat on him or was JT trying to get some press for his debut album?

Then came the K-Fed years and that God-awful reality show Chaotic. The head shaving, crotch shots, babies, lawsuits, me and Brit-Brit have been through it and not once have a missed a tour. I will travel across state lines and skip a cell phone bill, to support my Britney habit. 

Don't get it twisted, just because I work in radio I'm never guaranteed concert tickets. I had to creep on Craigslist for last minute deals hours before the show and got a pair of tickets in the nosebleed seats and a friend willing to pay for their own ticket (shout out to Kerry!)

Eventually we made it to the concert and not only were our seats horrible, they were so high up, I would have had a hard time enjoying myself  and jamming sitting so close to Jesus in the sky. Luckily we got upgraded to lower level seats right next to the stage! 

My sweet Britney brought it so hard. 90 minutes of up tempo, sometimes cheesy, sexy, fun music. Home girl actually sang y'all! I know she's supposed to sing but let's be real, we don't love Brit for her voice, and her latest stuff if techie auto-tuned jams. But I'm not there for the vocals, I love the beats, the songs, the dancing, the spectacle of it all and I make no apologies. I know she isn't for everyone. There isn't a lot of depth there, but you know sometimes you just want to see pretty people doing pretty things in pretty pink clothes! 

Oh what you want pictures? Boom , I got ya! I caught Britney in all her glory with the camera I snuck inside the arena. Enjoy!

The set list had a great mix of her older hits and the new stuff. I was floored by her performance of "I'm A Slave 4 U." She it all the moves, and it was great seeing her re-create the 2001 hit. Yep, it's been 10 years! 

The crowd was a mix of all types of people. Gay, straight, adults, teens, and the outfits were amazing. Since cameras were illegal I couldn't get as many photos as I wanted but I hope you liked the few I have.  What was the last concert you went to? Did you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Brit Brit? Discuss!

Until next time!

You Oughta Know: Florence + The Machine

When I heard Fiona Apple's debut album Tidal back in 1996, I was shocked and amazed by the talent and sadness she possessed at such a young age. I was going through a dark time myself and being able to escape real life and live in her lyrics helped me cope with the changes going on in my world and that meant so much to me at that time.

I've been looking for an artist to fill this Fiona Apple shaped hole in my heart for a while, so you can only imagine how happy I was to find  Florence + The Machine, a new moody, artsy, sad red headed songstress to add to my i Tunes library. At first glace this chick looks a bit off her rocker, especially in the video for "The Dog Days Are Over" but trust me when I tell you young Florence Welch has created one of the best albums I've heard in years.

Lungs is an emotional and musical roller coaster from start to finish and the lyrical content is far from romantic. The songs are dark and the vocals are at times haunting, yet the album as a whole is so beautiful.  I know a lot of people will download Lungs expecting 10 tracks similar to "The Dog Days Are Over" especially after the kids from Glee sing it this week (I still don't know how I feel about that one,) but please stick around and listen to the less commercial songs like "Kiss With A Fist" and "Girl With One Eye."

If you're like me and need a break from some of the senseless lyrics on the radio (I'm looking at you Pittbull, ) give Florence And The Machine a try. It really is one of the best albums of the year. Trust me, she's a shoe in for best new artist at the Grammys.

Until next time!

American Music Awards Fashion Recap

The times are a changing because I totally forgot about the American Music Awards last night. I think I was too busy recovering from the Harry Potter awesomeness. I tuned in just in time to hear Katy Perry struggle through that Firework song. Has anyone noticed her little on stage trick? No not the one where she distracts her audience from her "singing" voice with something exploding from her bra (in the past she's used confetti and whipped cream.) I'm referring to her use of "uh oh uh" as an excuse not to hold a note and crack on live TV.

Word on the street, I mean the BACKstreets (hee hee) is the best part of the show was the New Kids On The Block/Backstreet Boys medley at the end of the night. Thankfully someone posted their performance on Youtube so I was able to get my groove on during the commercial breaks at work.

I don't know why I decided to skip the awards all together (I didn't even DVR it.) Maybe because these shows have become so predictable. Bad clothes, bad singing, movie/album plugs and the night ends with Taylor Swift singing a song about a dude who done did her wrong.

No matter what I think of the awards show, I can't let a chance to review the red carpet frocks pass me by so here we go!

The Good

I loved this dress on Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. I thought it was fun and flirty and I'm loving the blue and black from head to toe. It doesn't hurt that her body is amazing and she looks fit and healthy but still has some lovely lady lumps.

Jada Pinkett Smith looks like a goddess in her custom made Pucci dress. Her skin is flawless and the color of the dress compliments her  beautiful skin tone.

I prefer Tay-Tay's straight hair and short dress over the big curly hair and poofy dresses she usually wears.

For the first time in a long time Katy Perry looks like a lady! To quote Swizz Beatz, "Nails done, hair done, everything did."

It pains me to admit it but even Miley Cyrus couldn't mess up this look. She managed to mix the sexy with classy and the old school train works with the modern look of the dress.

The Bad

Christina Milian is one of the most beautiful women in the industry but she continues to wear fugly clothes! She needs a new stylist and agent because she deserves better.

This reminds me of those old curtains your Grandma would have in the living room straight from the JC Penny catalog. Mandy Moore, I know you're married to Ryan Adams, a serious indie artist and I love him and his moody melodies, but please remember your outfits don't have to match his music

Gavin did you even shower?

 As crazy as this is, trust me it is an upgrade for Ke$ha


And the Bieber

Isn't he dreamy?

Well there you have it. My AMA fashion review. Who are your picks for best and worst dressed?

Keep Breathing

Still Breathing by Brianna Martray
To say the last month has been a difficult one would be a gross understatement. I’ve had to deal with some pretty hardcore issues over the last few weeks. Good, bad, ugly and downright debilitating issues that have kept me from posting as often as I want to.

Professionally, things couldn’t be better. I’m lying, having a show syndicated in major markets would be better, but that’s a discussion for another time. What I know for sure is day after day we have fantastic shows. I know better than to wear mascara in the morning because most likely I will stain my face from crying and laughing. The energy is there, the chemistry is on point, and I am so proud of the work we’ve been producing on air.

Socially, I’m like the Energizer Bunny. My calendar and datebook are filled and I’m pursing new interests, enjoying the people I’m meeting, the company I keep, and the laughter and joy they bring me. 

The one thing I haven’t been so vocal about is my physical alignments and the way they changed me. A few posts ago I wrote a light hearted entry on being sick and staying at home resting. I down played my sickness because I didn’t want to come off as whiny and exaggerated. Truth be told I was at the most vulnerable and frightened place I’d ever been. I was literally breathless. Air struggled to get in and it was excruciating to breathe out. Our most basic human function, the thing we do in our sleep and without thought was the one thing I wasn’t able to do without experiencing severe pain and discomfort. 

This really did a number on me. I didn’t know why I was ill, I didn’t know how to get better. Doctors poked and prodded me for days and still weren’t able to give me the answers I needed. They took my blood, x-rayed my chest, medicated me, and still I wasn’t able to breathe normally. I don’t know if I will ever be able to fully express how helpless it made me feel. 

Then the paranoia set in. I couldn’t sleep from fear of not being able to breathe. I was scared that everything around me was making me sick. My house, my clothes, my friends, I suspected everything. My medications had side effects that altered my mood, personality and energy level. I felt trapped, no paralyzed from the neck down. My brain was functioning but my lungs and body were not.

I am much better now and although I’m active again, I diligently take time each day to rest and allow my lungs to heal. I’m back to doing the things that brought me joy until the sickness took them away. Things like singing, working out, even laughing. Can you believe I couldn’t laugh without enduring pain? 

I’m ashamed to admit that I let the sickness get the best of me. It was only for a short time, but it happened. For a brief moment I gave up and even thought about how much easier it would be to just let go and disappear. No more pain, no infection, no sickness. The battle was too much for me, or so I thought. 

I’m officially closing that chapter of my life. I’m not going to dwell on that pain, that fear, and that feeling of helplessness. I am better. I won. I’m breathing. 

Some of you have shared that you are going through your own “sickness” right now. Something is blocking you from being your authentic self, something is paralyzing you or taking your breath away, zapping your energy and will to move forward. Push past it, move on, you deserve better, you are better, you will get better and you’ll come out of it so much stronger. I promise the sickness will leave. And if it won’t go, breathe, gather and fight like hell to find your way to your own healing. 

Now excuse me while I go outside, give thanks, and  breathe in some fresh air. I so deserve it.

Until next time, 

I'm baaaaack!

Hey, ya!

Not much has been going on with me since my last post. I've been focusing on getting better, watching tons of TV, and listening to new music.

My meds had me tripping big time and my dreams were ridiculous. I had one dream that had me living with Beyonce and Jay-Z and they were out of toilet paper and I was too embarrassed to tell Jigga man I needed some Charmin so I just sat on the toilet until I woke up.  I know dream sharing is only interesting for the dreamer so I will just leave it at that for now.

But seriously, being sick sucked big time. My mom deserves a medal for putting up with this all week....
Thank you mom I love you the most you duck!

I'm really enjoying the new Kings of Leon album Come Around Sundown. If you're expecting this album to be a repeat of Only By Night, you need not purchase Sundown. Do yourself a favor and grab Aha Heartbreak, and Because of the Times. The latest album is a throwback to Youth and Young Manhood which features some of my favorite KOL songs, Molly's Chambers and Trani.

The highlights from Sundown include Birthday, Radioactive, Celebration, Pony Up, and The End.

 I was lucky enough to see KOL live last month and the show was amazing! Here are some pics and a video  from the show taken by my buddy Alicia.

I loved it when the crowd sang along to Use Somebody

Is anyone watching Project Runway? My favorite designer Michael Costello was sent home after a triumphing over a gang of bully designers who felt he wasn't worthy of being there. I loved Micheal's personality from the start, and he's truly this season's underdog. Seriously the guy is talented and charming.

For some reason, PR is letting 10 designers show at fashion week, not the top 3 as it has been in the past. Here is a sneak peek at some of Michael's designs from the finale.

Fierceness!  I'm hoping that blue feathered skirt comes in a size bigger than an extra medium because I would so buy one. I'm trying to get an interview with him, so if you have any questions please send them my way.

So I have one more doctor's visit with the pulmonary specialist to  make sure I'm all healed and healthy, then I'm heading to DC for Jon Stewart's Rally To Restore Sanity. I can't wait to catch up with some old friends and some of the people who lived with me during the 2008 presidential campaign, happy times!!

The other night I met up with some friends to make signs for the rally. I wasn't able to get pics of the end result but we had a blast making them, it was a two day process, but I'll be sure to grab some this weekend!

Please forgive me for not updating sooner! I promise now that I'm better I will post more.

Until next time,

Dee Sick!!!

We got a situation here in Greensboro. I don't know if it is the ever changing weather, pollen, pollution, or what but my allergies attacked me like I tried to steal something!  Coughing, sneezy, itchy eyes, sore throat, I was a pure-t mess! I feel like I need to apologize to my listeners for sounding like a cross between Bea Arthur and Timbaland this morning on the air (five hour show y'all). I won't put you guys through that tomorrow, I promise.

So, I'm kinda stuck in the house tonight, sipping on tea and resting my voice. I was about to go out to Panera for chicken soup but my good friend Kerry prevented the neighbors from seeing me in my jammies, by going to get it for me, she also got the latest copy of O magazine. So tonight, it's just me, tea, soup and my O magazine. What up Oprah?

I have been trying to find reasons to smile because when I'm sick I tend to get grumpy but I am happy to say we got great news at work today. We got our ratings in radio world and our show was #1! That's great news for me and my crew and it definitely helped me grind through today's show. Other things that made me smile today included this hilarious photo spread NC native  Zach Galifanakis did for  Vanity Fair.

And Willow Smith finally released the video for her single "Whip My Hair." It's really different, but I gotta tell you, I love this video.  Check it out below:

And if that wasn't enough Whip action for you, check out 12 yr old Chang-Chang on The Ellen Show dancing to Willow's jam. 

This is a warning to all the adult performers out there. It is time to step it up, these kids are killing it! And I will drop my $1.29 on i Tunes for Willow's girl anthem before I throw it away on that foolish mess Katy Perry is signing about these days. Peacocks and skin tight jeans? Yea, I'm off that, grow up or at least be different!  Ooh I better get going, it's time for my next dose of Mucinex! Good times right?

History of Hip Hop from Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

You know how I talk about having friends in my head aka FMIH? I know a lot of people heard this term on The Wendy Williams Show, but I swear I've been using it since I was 19 and saw Titanic in the theatre. On my way home sobbing in the car, belting out My Heart Will Go On, I swore up and down I'd become friends with Kate Winslet, if only in my head, hence FIMH. I know that makes me sound a little cray-cray, but that's real talk, that's how my mind works!

I'm about to introduce you to some of my other FIMH. You might know them, umm, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake? Yea, we go way back. I've been jocking JT since he had that platinum blond s-curl do' in his N*Sync days. Jimmy Fallon won me over on SNL's  Weekend Updates with Tina Fey. The bond was solidified the first time Justin hosted SNL and he and Jimmy Fallon debuted the Barry Gibb Talk Show skit.  H-I-larious! Me and my roommate at the time, Nahdia almost broke our DVR rewinding this skit.

Now as much as I love Barry and Robin, I must admit the latest Justin/Jimmy collaboration is pretty awesome, maybe better. Here they are performing a rather dope tribute to the history of rap.

Seriously how can you look at that and not get hype? Loves it!

Until next time!

Homecoming, Homies, and the Holy Ghost Tent Revival

I had an amazing weekend with some of my favorite people! Friday night I met up with my friends Kerry and Rebecca for dinner and cheesecake from Cheesecakes by Alex, hands down the BEST cheesecake you'll ever put in your mouth! We also had dinner downtown at the Mellow Mushroom then met up with my other friends Brie and Michael. The plan was to see Holy Ghost Tent Revival perform at Lyndon Street Artworks.

Holy Ghost Tent Revival - Needing You from Will & Friends on Vimeo.

The band was supposed to go on at 11 but we spent most of the night in the parking lot meeting interesting characters, telling off-color jokes, and drinking beer. We never made it inside because, well I'm old...and I had to go to work the next morning

 This is me bright eyed and ready for work after a few hours rest! I headed out to Everybody's Day Festival in Thomasville, NC. I was too busy working and meeting listeners to take any good pics, but I had a great time and enjoyed a yummy funnel cake!

When I got home, I was all set to sleep and watch my TV shows but I got a text from my line sister Dewaynia who was in town for homecoming with her new boyfriend. They were all hanging out downtown at a social hosted at a local bar Churchill's so I decided I'd go hang out for a couple hours. I ran into classmates and friends I hadn't seen in years, like this dynamic diva, my friend Jackie,

I also ran into my friend Dawn :)
We sat outside, laughing and joking so long, we didn't even realize everyone else was gone. This is what the club looked like when the 4 of us finally left.

We headed over to Fincastle's for fried pickles, burgers, dogs, and even more laughs.

 (photo courtesy of Fincastle's)

One the way to our cars we found some chalk,  an open space on a wall went all preschool on it for the next few minutes

We finally made it back to my place, got dressed for the All Black (attire) Party and headed out. I need to apologize to my hairdresser for going out with my head looking like this. I wasn't planning on going to the party, and I don't want anyone thinking this do' was done by her....

I found this dress at Forever 21 for 17.80 The necklace was from NY and Company for $15.00

Here is a pic of me and my line sister Camilla at the bar isn't she lovely!!

We had so much fun together, dancing all night, laughing and catching up. I can't wait to see everyone again, hopefully we won't have to wait another year :)

Hope you had a great weekend too!

Bacon, Berry, and Bad Dreams

You ever have one of those nights where no matter what you do, your mind just won't allow you to get any rest? Your dreams are so realistic and unpleasant that even after you wake up it takes a while before the ugly thoughts are completely out of your system? I went through that last night. I woke up terrified and distraught, but I refuse to let it define my day, so I jumped out of bed, said a prayer for peace and began to re-build my day.

For me, music is the best medicine, it is the one thing I can count on to get me out of my funk and to get on with my day. Apolpgies to my neighbors if you were bothered by my mini concert this morning which started with a little Kid Cudi's Up Up & Away.


My mom always says, if you have a bad dream don't speak of it until you've had some food. Now I have no idea where she got that idea  but as long as I stay black (which is forever) I will trust my mom and do what she says. So after I jammed to Cudi, I took the kitchen to whip up some breakfast.

I don't usually get a chance to enjoy a nice sit down meal in the morning because we go on the air at the butt crack of dawn. I'm lucky if I get a granola bar and banana in the morning, so today I made some pancakes and bacon with a side of yummy fruit. 

To continue my feel-good morning, I sat down with the latest issue of Vogue and  drooled over the beautiful clothes and read the article on Halle Berry (FIMH).

I've always been a fan of  Halle Berry's. She has been through so much (most of it publicly) and is a testament to the fact that  fame, fortune, and beauty doesn't = happiness. Living your life in the media isn't always easy especially when your heartbreaks are so frequent and devastating. This is what she had to say about giving her first interview in three years.

"I was burned-out with having other people tell the story about me that they wanted to tell. I told my publicist, 'I'm not going to talk anymore. I'm just going to live my life and be who I am.'"

I can't blame her, but I am so excited to see she's opening up again. I needed my Berry fix!

So now that I've gotten that horrible dream out of my system, bacon in my belly, and Berry on my brain, I'm looking forward to a beautiful day living in light and directing my love and energy to all things good. 

Until next time!

Go Your Own Way

Long time no blog huh? Well, it has been a busy week for me and I have neglected my blog for far too long! What has it been, like 3 days? Well I am back with a Do It Yo’self project that should take most people about an hour to complete. However I am special and it took me a heck of a lot longer because I was distracted by the Lifetime Movie Network, wine, and a few miscalculations.

Little known fact, I was the art teacher for an after-school program when I was in college. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Helping kids explore their creativity was such a beautiful thing to witness. They taught me that you don’t have to be skilled in sketching or watercolors to make your very own masterpiece. All it takes is the willingness to allow yourself the freedom to experiment with different materials, and to not be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t turn out the way you envisioned it.

This project was very personal to me. It combines my love of music, as well as some personal issues I’ve been struggling with over the last few months. As I write this I am struggling with just how in depth I should be about what drove me to make these choices, because it was very complex and I know you love me, but who wants to read this all night?

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a fan of Fleetwood Mac. It probably has a lot to do with my mother who exposed me to all types of music at a young age. I remember being a little girl spinning around in my living room while singing along with Stevie Nicks (especially her solo hit Stand Back).

Their 1977 album Rumors is probably the album that has influenced me the most. Every song on that record speaks to me on levels I didn’t quite understand when I was younger but now, as an adult it is crystal clear to me why I fell in love with these songs and lyrics.  Songs like Landslide, Songbird, and Don't Stop. Second Hand News and Never Going Back Again break my heart every time I listen to them.

Rumors was my first love. It taught me everything I needed to know about relationships, with your friends, family, and loved ones when they’re good, and especially when they go bad.

One day I was listening to “Go Your Own Way” and I don’t know if I can explain it to you, but I was moved to express myself through those lyrics, and I didn’t know how. These words stood out to me: 

Loving you isn’t the right thing to do 
How can I ever change things that I feel?
If I could baby I’d give you my world 
How can I, when you won’t take it from me? 

At the moment I was living those lyrics. If you’ve ever been in a place where you felt like no matter what you did, the object of your affection wasn’t open to or willing to allow you access into their world, then you know how I felt listening to this song. If there is someone standing between you and what you really want, in life and all it would take for you to achieve your goal is for them to listen to you and let you do your thing, you know how I felt listening to this song. If you’ve ever tried over and over again to tell a dear friend that their reckless behavior, and poor decision making was only making their life more complicated than it needed to be, guess what? You know, how I felt, listening to this song. 

You can go your own way 
You can call it another lonely day

I needed a way to tell this to a few people in my life, but how? I can’t sing or play an instrument like Lindsay Buckingham. I for damn sure didn’t have the courage to say it to these people who were blocking me from my happiness at the time, especially when some of us weren’t even on speaking terms.

So I thought of another way to express myself through these lyrics. I chose a way that would remind me each and every day that even though I want to have a certain type of relationship with some of my friends, family members and associates, I am not in control of what they do or how they see me, so I made this.

I took a map and detailed the places I’ve been, where I want to go, and the people who have helped or hindered me in the process. 

All it took was a map, alphabet stickers from a craft store and a frame. Easy right?

At first I was all worried about the alignment, and spacing, of the words and letters. Then I realized, like real life and relationships, it is far from perfect. Nothing is ever aligned exactly the way we want them to be when it comes to the people we care about. So instead of letting the ruler guide me, I went my own way.

Thanks to my good friend Zach for helping me find my way and the courage to do so.

7- Year Old Rapper P-Nut: Hip Hop is Back!

As a lover of hip-hop music, it pains me to say I am losing faith in the genre. Every time I  tune in to my local hip-hop station, all I hear is nonsensical mutterings by inarticulate MC's.

After Tupac and Biggie died, I hoped and prayed for someone to come along who could carry the torch that some thought would burn out after their deaths.

Hope came via a reality television competition. Sean P. Diddy Combs searched the country for an all star hip hop group on MTV's Making the Band.  He found, a star, he found and artist, yes, I am talking about the great Dylan John. What I loved most about Dylan was his modesty. Here he is being portrayed by Dave Chappelle.

Sadly, Dylan's career didn't last long. The game ended for him after just one LP. I have heard you can still find him spitting fire every third Saturday on the corner of 159th W and 118th St in Harlem.

Then there was Eli Porter. Some like to clown him for freezing up on the mic, but I know better. What you don't realize is Eli was just giving us all a second to digest his well thought out rhymes. Note how he jumps back in and finishes off his opponent in one of the greatest rap battles of all time.

But, like the others who were supposed to be greats, Eli has yet to release an album, and I still don't have a hip-hop idol.

But today, my faith has been restored. Hip-hop has a new golden child and his name is P-Nut. He looks like the offspring of Ice Cube and Queen Latifah. Look at the hair!  I hope that's natural look and his momma didn't sit him down and force him to get a jheri curl. But I digress, allow me to introduce you to the future of hip-hop, P-Nut!

Hip hop is back baby! And if you don't know now you know....

Happy Birthday MJ

I couldn't let the day go by without acknowledging the birthday of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Like so many I can't believe he is gone forever. No one in their right mind would dispute that the man was truly gifted. We, his fans are lucky that he left behind so many songs, videos, and dance moves to entertain us for the rest of our lives.
So today instead of grieving, I decided to focus on grooving. Yes I watched my HIStory DVD and danced along to my favorite videos. Did I damn near have an asthma attack trying to keep up with Mike? Yes but it was so worth it(thanks to my rescue inhaler!).

Here is my favorite Michael Jackson video. I dare you to stay seated!