I Never Thought I Would Say This....

I am obsessed with a piece of jewelry. Yes, me the girl who buys earrings for $1.50 at Forever 21. The girl who would choose a 55 inch HDTV over an engagement ring. The girl who would rather wear a  Keroppi watch from a Happy Meal instead of shiny timepiece. Yes my friends I want some bling in my life and it can be found at Tiffany and Company.

When I tell you I don't know anything about jewelry, please believe me. I couldn't tell you what a carat looks like or what it is worth, but I know where to get the best carrot cake in North Carolina (I'll save that for another post.) I do know I love the look of this necklace. This is totally my style, and even though I don't buy jewelry over $20, I'm tempted to treat myself this Valentine's Day.

Now before you think I've lost my mind adding something like this to my wish list, let me tell you this is pendant is under $250 a steal if you ask me. And because the price is right, you can afford to get some additional Tiffany inspired goodies! Check them out below:


Do you splurge on jewelry? What are some items on your wish list?
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You Oughta Know: Jen Chu

If you’ve ever been in my home, you know it is a huge work in progress. I have an idea of what I want my house to look like, but the execution has been challenging for me to do, especially on my own.

I am always looking for inspiration, and affordable design ideas online and I think I may have found my home interior DIY Yoda. Her name is Jen Chu and she is the truth! She refers to herself as an "Asian Martha Stewart, minus the prison activity". I stumbled across her blog last week and found out she was also featured on Apartment Therapy for a room makeover she did for a friend in Brooklyn.

From what I can see, Jen likes to ball on a budget, meaning she can bring a room to life without breaking the bank. A lot of the items in the room came from pocket friendly stores like Ikea, and Target, and she isn't afraid to hit up a flea market to save a buck or two. I think it would be awesome if she had her own TV show for real people, with realistic budgets, and I'd love to be her first guest!

Check out some of the pics of Jen's work below:

(all images from Apartment Therapy)

What I love about this room is how Jen uses everyday items and displays them in a way that it looks like art. The scarves, the purses, and hats seem more like room accessories, instead of fashion accessories.

 (Images from jenchudesign.com)

I love her style, it is so clean and chic! I also admire that she does a lot of the handy work herself, something I hope to be able to do one day. Who needs Ty Pennington when you can hang your own light fixtures? Who am I kidding, I wouldn't turn Ty away but you get my point!

To see more of Jen's work, including original art and learn about her career as an Art Director for Project Runway check out her blog.

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Dee-Style: Paula Patton

New mother and actress Paula Patton looks amazing in this simple and classic ensemble.  I picked her for this week's look for less because I think this is a look most women can wear no matter what size you wear. The jacket and dress combo is flattering to all body types and can remixed with other items in your closet for a different look.

 Here is the look for less in both plus and straight sizes. I will do more style posts like this because right now I'm smack dab in the middle. It is frustrating at times to be in between like this, but I'm learning to deal with it, and support designers and stores who promote size diversity and make clothing for women of all shapes and sizes! 

Here is the look in straight sizes

And here is the look in plus sizes

My point is don't let ANYONE tell you that your styling options are limited because of your size. With a little effort, creativity, and confidence, you can find items out there that work for your body!

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Dee-Style: Drew Barrymore

Let's face it, Drew Barrymore is one of the coolest chicks on the planet. Seriously, she's one of  few celebs I consider a FIMH (friend in my head).

Who wouldn't want to be friends with Drew? I mean minus the Poison Ivy period, and that laughable Amy Fischer TV movie, she hasn't made a movie I didn't like. 

She charmed us as "Josie Grossie" in Never Been Kissed.
She kicked bad guy butt in the Charlie's Angels movies. 

And in my favorite Drew Barrymore movie, she gave the Cinderella fairytale some much needed moxie in Ever After.

What I love about Drew is she can look like a million bucks on the red carpet at the Oscars, then turn around and wow the fashionistas with a simple every day look like the one below.

Drew wore this last month when she made an appearance on The Daily Show. The shirt is from Alternative Apparel, Ksubi Jeans, and YSL pumps. I'm sure the shoes alone cost over $500, but I  recreated the Dee-Style version for under $150!

Jacket: Deilia's 49.50
Jeans: Arden B $25
Hat: Forever 21 $14.80 (I have this myself)
Sunglasses: Forever 21 $5.80
T-Shirt: Wet Seal $10.99
Shoes: Forever 21 $22.80

Totally cute right? And it is flattering to women of ALL sizes. Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and go all out and wear the hat. I know a lot of women don't like to draw attention to themselves but I say why not? I know I'm going to rock mine! I hope you enjoyed my very first look for less!
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Steal of the Day

How cute is this dress?

I found it on Modcloth  for only $16. Yep, $16 bucks!

The dress was inspired by Tieka, the author of Selective Potential. I can't wait to try it on, I think it would be perfect for a date night or dinner party.

I'm really making an effort to step outside of my comfort zone by trying new styles and looks that I would normally shy away from. I love the vintage look of this dress and I hope I can find more like it.

Happy Labor Day!

Vern Yip Talks To Dee-Tales

I chatted with Vern Yip, one of the judges of HGTV’s Design Star a few days ago. Vern has been wowing the masses with his innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs on television for nearly a decade. On TLC’s Trading Spaces, he was a fan favorite, often requested by families to transform their ho-hum homes into visually stunning and comfortable living areas. His ability to bring richness, function, and beauty into a home on a budget and under time constraints made him a household name in the home design community. After launching his line of home fashions, hosting his own HGTV show Deserving Design, Vern joined Design Star. Design Star gives decorators a chance to host their own on HGTV program by competing in a series of design challenges each week. Vern’s latest project is one that will surely garner the attention of all you Dee-Talers. HGTV is giving away a $1.5 million apartment unit in downtown Manhattan, designed by Vern! Listen to our interview for details on how to win this home as well as budget friendly design tips!


Here is a sneak peek of the apartment!

Seriously, I'm drooling just looking at these pictures! To enter the contest click here. If I'm chosen who's down for cocktails with me and Vern?

Until next time!


I am not a fashionista. I'd love to be one of those glamourus bloggers who posts interesting outfits of the day and show you how to tie a scarf without choking yourself. I would like to be that knowledgeable, but that's not me.

I am a baller on a budget. I'm not a size 2. My boobies get in the way of  many of my wardrobe wants, and my muffin top is now a bagel (but I'm working on that).

My point is, shopping for me can be difficult, so I am on a quest to find flattering, affordable, and stylish clothes. I used to roam the aisles of Target and Old Navy looking for clothes that fit me and I left with the same things each time, V-neck tops, and boot cut jeans. I never took risks. I didn't know women over a size 10 had more clothing options, stylish, well made, affordable options.

I would totally rock this outfit anywhere and feel completely comfortable in it. The purple cardigan has rich  color and the floral print of the dress is very feminine. I chose the knee boots to add a little rugged sophistication to the outfit.  The floppy hat is pure drama, but depending on where you are or what you're doing, it could be used to shield the sun from your face, keep your head warm in a breeze, or hide the fact that you missed your salon visit last week! I loved the butterfly ring (I have one myself) because it is unique and it compliments the floral print in the dress.

 So each week on Dee-Tales I will share my fashion finds with you! If you have any questions or if you need help locating items to create a certain look shoot me an email: Deidre@mydeetales.com

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