After watching Beyonce's visual album Lemonade, I recorded an episode of DeeTales almost immediately. We had to. There was so much to say. And I needed to be around the right type of people. I didn't have time for the "I'm not a fan but" girls. I did't have time to explain it to my beloveds who don't understand symbolism and I wasn't ready to get caught up in Ashy Amber alert for Becky with the good hair. 


Nope, I wanted, scratch that, I needed to discuss what just happened. The poetry, the lyrics, the images, the cameos and most importantly, why it felt like I just had a therapy session that touched on my issues, my momma's issues, her momma's issues, my auntie's my girlfriends. EVERY WOMAN has lived some part of this album, especially black women.



By gathering in a safe space to talk openly and honestly about the multiple messages from Lemonade with my sister friends, we found ourselves reminding each other of how dope we can be. How our art is multidimensional, magical and truth be told, it's been a long time since we visited works similar to the poetry by Warsan Shire in Lemonade. 

Enter Candice Marie Benbow, writer, educator and curator of the #LemonadeSyllabus.




It's a collection of books, poems, music, film and other literary works by and or about black women. 75 women of all ages and various lived experience contributed over 200 submissions. Before I knew it, Essence magazine and international new outlets picked up on the movement. Candice has made the e-book available on her website.  Click here to download.

I was honored to have my submissions published and I think it's safe to say my summer reading list is full and I'm beyond excited to dive in as soon possible.


Too often our hair, fashion, art, dances and music are dismissed when they aren't understood by the masses. I've noticed a lot of unfair and dismissive posts surrounding Beyonce and Lemonade which is unfortunate because there are some lessons to be learned for a lot of y'all who have been quick to criticize. But hey, I'm not here for that. I'm here to encourage you to get this #LemonadeSyllabus, share it with other woke women. Share it with women who need to wake up. Pass it on to your Facebook friend who is halfway down the road to Hotepville, just spread the word.

Finally, thank you, Candice for pulling this together and allowing me to be a part of this project. If you feel so inclined, please make a donation via PayPal to support other projects by this brilliant woman. I know I did!