Ebony Body Brigade Blessing

I can’t tell you the last time I purchased a copy of Ebony magazine. I’m sure Whitney Houston or Janet Jackson was on the cover; it was THAT long ago.

For some time, Ebony seemed like my Auntie’s magazine.The one you would slide to the side at the hair salon before grabbing Essence or People to keep you company while you spent forty-five minutes under the dryer. I didn’t connect with the cover stories and topics until now.


Can I get a “what-what” for March’s Body Brigade issue? Who is the genius who decided to gather all my head homies, (friends in my head) and create this iconic moment of curvy brown slayage?

I adore these women. On the weekend, I go to H&M and Sephora with designer and blogger Gabi Fresh. Jazmine Sullivan likes to run the lyrics of her latest musical masterpiece by me when she’s stumped. I visit my friend Danielle Brooks on the set of her hit series Orange is the New Black. Chrisette randomly bursts into song and blesses guests at my dinner parties. Again, this is all in my head, and while I feel you judging me, I can’t find a damn to give.

Moments like this are rare in pop culture. I know supermodel Ashley Graham made headlines and history with her Sports Illustrated cover. I celebrated that moment and was so happy to see someone who is considered plus size, on the cover of SI.


I’m not taking away from that moment at all. I just want to bask in the glory of these four smart, talented, non-traditional cover girls, on the pages of a national magazine. Gabi is the reason I began DeeTales. Her blog helped me find my voice and inner diva. Jazmine and Chrisette are possibly two of the best vocalists of my generation. I love Adele, but she better hide her kids and her Grammys if she’s invited to a sing-off with these two. And Danielle. Lord, what can’t she do? Trained at Julliard, hilarious and heartbreaking as Taystee, and now she’s wowing audiences each night on Broadway in The Color Purple. These women should be household names!


We live in a world of waist trainers, eating disorders, body shaming and size discrimination. To see this group of strong, accomplished and confident women united, encourages me to embrace my cake by the pound.