Treat Yo' Self 2015 Recap

Links and info on the topics we discussed in Episode 4: Treat Yo Self 2015 brought to you by Root Alchemy 

This episode is about self care. A message from our sponsors at Root Alchemy.

At Root Alchemy, we strive to produce effective and luxurious, self care products without sacrificing source or safety. We use only the purest ingredients from high quality sources, most of which are organic and/or wildcrafted and all of which are 100% natural.
We do not use synthetics. This includes synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives, or additives of any kind.
You will also find that none of our products include water as a main ingredient, a rarity in the cosmetic industry. We create highly concentrated products, which in turn allows us to use less packaging and offer more valuable products to our customers.

Deidre's guest was her sorority sister and wellness specialist Dewaynia Wilson of Nurisha Wellness and they discussed self care and  life lessons from their favorite teachers.

For those who didn't believe the Ikea Rigga story, whoomp there it is.

The ladies explained "Columbusing" and the origin of Bye Felicia 

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