Dee-Tales Media

Since leaving radio in August 2014, I've been working on the Dee-Tales Media project. It has been so exciting to see new faces, hear new voices and access new forms of media over the past few years. I believe independent content is far more interesting than what most corporate and commercial media outlets are producing.

Issa Rae, Franchesca Ramsey and Kid Fury are a few of the bright, talented and bold voices who made their own platforms and are creating funny, thoughtful and groundbreaking content on their own terms.

You can add Deidre James to that growing list. Dee-Tales Media will produce web series, podcasts, blogs and more. We are committed to supporting progressive, independent content creators with the goal of communicating diverse ideas and concepts and building community through service and socially conscious content. 

If you are interested  in sponsorship opportunities, submitting a show idea or would like to join our team, please email me at