2013 has been pretty suck-tackular. Well, 80% of it has sucked, 15% bearable and 5% good stuff. Loss, lies, life and death are just a few life altering issues my friends and loved ones have tackled bravely this year.

We’re ½ way through this mug and I’m still not feeling you 2013! Everyone was all worried about 2012 being end times, and look, y’all didn’t even know the session of suck that was right around the corner!

But as hard as this year has been, I’m not going to make you sit through a Debbie Downer post with no real message and make you all sad with my personal laundry list of suck. That’s not how I do thangs!

I’m determined to find some silver linings because I do believe everything happens for a reason. Call it corny, that’s my belief and I’m sticking to it! I’ve discovered that these things are called blessons.

I found this on my friend’s Tumblr page. Doesn’t make all kinds of sense? Blessons!! Now here’s the thing, when you get a dose a suck and you’re trying to turn it into a blesson you must be open to accepting responsibility for your role in the situation.

Did you gain 15 lbs when you were trying to lose 30? Did you work out and watch your calories or did you eat dessert every night? Have a bad break up? Did you ignore all the signs that indicated you were dating a gold digging hoochie princess or did you drop her like a bad habit when she indicated she only dated ballers?

What I’m saying is, while there are some unexpected tragedies and mishaps that we can’t avoid, MOST of the time we get like eleventy heads ups from the universe that we are going the wrong way. For whatever reason, we tend to think we know what’s best- check that, we would rather pursue what we want even when we know there is a better choice.

Did you receive a blesson this year? What did you learn from it? Please feel free to share in the comments section. You never know how your story will impact another.

Until next time!