Beast Mode Pt 2

Better late than never right?

Ok, last time we spoke I was going into round 3 of my 4 workouts in one day. After pilates and free-style dancing, I returned to Level 5 for a kickboxing class.

This was a major move for me. I never go to classes solo. I always take a friend who will cut up and giggle with me. When in beast mode, I couldn't allow myself to lose focus so I went alone. This time the class was kickboxing. Honestly, everything I know about kickboxing I learned from my homeboy Billy Blanks and his Tae Bo box set. Yep, I still have my VHS somewhere in my basement.

I've taken this class before but not on an empty stomach. Message to the kids, food is fuel!  I was so caught up, I forgot to eat real food before my work out and I struggled to make it through. I was doing that "let me act like I need to stop to tie my shoes but in reality I need to catch my breath" move in the middle of "I Got A Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas.

There I was slumped over gasping for air in a room full of women when boom! 3 tall dark and handsome young men walked into the studio. I'm guessing they were there to check out the gym and grab a schedule. Boy I perked up so fast! I was jabbing and doing the roundhouse kicks looking like Dragon Fly Jones.

I was in the zone and right as the guys walked out, the instructor gave us the wrap it up and stretch moves. I was so happy to be done. Really, I was about to pass out from not eating.

As I walked out I stopped to say bye to the owner of the gym when I heard a sound come from my tummy that was so intense I wish I had a recording to prove it's seriousness. It sounded like the NC A&T marching band was performing a half-time show in my gut!!

So I got home, ate dinner and was like OK, I am going to walk 3 miles for my final work out. And I swear as soon as I laced up, I got a Facebook notifcation that we had a rabid fox running loose in my little neighborhood. I stole this pic from my neighbor's Facebook page (Thanks Mark)

 Reports said animal control was on the way and to stay inside. It's very Antoine Dodson "Hide yo kids, hide yo wives." Word on the streets is the fox was "handled."

Soooo, I had to do the X-Box Zumba workout and called it a night.

So how do I feel 24 hours later? GREAT!!! I mean my abs are crazy sore and it wasn't easy but I did it! Me, Downton Abbey watching, cookie butter eating, non-twerking Deidre James did 4 workouts in one day.

Aaaaaand I managed to get another workout in today with my new trainer. Yeah, it's like that. I would love to write about my first session but umm it's time for Scandal and ain't nobody got time to blog when Olivia Pope and them are on.

So there you have it, I got it in and I survived! If you are local and ever wanna join me for a work out find me on Facebook and let's get moving. Ain't nothing to it but to do it.

Until next time!