Cupcake Crawl: Part Two

Geez, talk about a cliffhanger! I guess the holidays got the best of me and I neglected the Cupcake Crawl follow-up.

The plan was to form a group of cool, easy going cupcake lovers who would be game for a 48 hour sugary carb-a-thon in our nation's capital.

I had so many friends who wanted to go, but it was impossible to find a date to accommodate everyone, so I settled on mid-October and prayed for good weather.  Next, I listed my favorite and highly recommended cupcakeries and mapped out the ultimate trail of goodness. I ended up taking a small group of four up I-95  for a weekend of delicious debauchery. The ride up the road was fairly easy, but I did get freaked out by something we saw in Virginia.

 That's a deer sitting straight up y'all! I was semi-losing it until my friend Jessica told me it was already dead, then I totally lost it.

As usual when traveling into DC, I hit some major traffic right around Quantico. That's when the iPod saved the day by playing some sweet tunes, including this monster jam from Wilson Phillips.

Once we made it into DC we had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Eatonville.  Eatonville was inspired by writer Zora Neale Hurston who wrote this amazing novel:

The restaurant is beautiful and the food is delicious. As a matter of fact, the food was so good, I didn't have time to take pictures, as I was too busy eating! I enjoyed fried chicken, greens, mac n cheese, and a fabulous drink called a Blue Shandy. I took a pic of the menu in hopes of recreating it at home.
 Here we are all kinds of happy and full.

After busting our guts at Eatonville, we hit up the 1st stop on our crawl,  Cakelove.

I tried the Strawberry Lemonade
 Drunk off cupcakes

 I love #1: Cake without fat is just bread

Full and happy (I'm sensing a trend)
After Cakelove, we headed back to the hotel for much needed rest, and woke up bright and early for the official crawl.

First  stop was Sprinkles. I am usually a fan of this place but sadly, that day the service and selections were not on point. The cupcakes were good and I will leave it at that. 
Next stop was Georgetown Cupcakes. I LOVE this place. As I mentioned in the previous post, they just do everything right.  Great customer service, accurate menus, and delicious cupcakes!  Here is a pic of April and Kerry waiting for Georgetown Cupcakes to open.

Special shout out to The Red Shirt Company for our custom Cupcake Crawl shirts. We looked all kinds of hot and people loved the effort put into the crawl! Side note, that's honorary Cupcake Crawler Tee. We met in line and became instant friends :)

Finally inside! Me so happy! My favorite flavors were the chocolate coconut, chocolate hazelnut, and lava fudge.

After we left Georgetown Cupcake we headed down M Street to Baked and Wired but something major happened. Look at who we ran into....

TONY BENNETT!!  He was on his way to Brooks Brothers sans entourage and we were able to snap a quick picture with the legend.

Next stop was Baked &Wired. Think of it like this, If Georgetown Cupcake is like Michael Jackson, Baked & Wired is Janet Jackson. You love them both, but Michael is the King! I tried to post a link to their shop but it is currently under construction.  If you're ever in DC do yourself a favor and check them out.  It is often identified by the pink bicycle outside.

Their cupcakes are HUGE! 

My favorite cupcake was called the Flapjack. It had a pancake-ish batter with maple syrup icing and massive chunks of bacon inside!

Our final stop was Hello Cupcake in Dupont Circle

I thought this place was adorable and they had some really interesting cupcake flavors including the Lucy and Raspberry Beret. The Lucy is lemon cake with raspberry butter cream icing, named after Lucille Ball. The Raspberry Beret is chocolate cake with the raspberry butter cream icing.

We didn't have a lot of time for sight-seeing but while stick in traffic we saw the Washington Monument

Believe it or not, we made time to eat actual food. Again, the food was so good, I didn't bother to waste precious chew time snapping photos.  We had lunch at Good Stuff Eatery on Capital Hill. Real talk, this place has the best burgers, fries, and shakes. The ingredients are so fresh, and the customer service is amazing. Chef Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef fame owns Good Stuff and We The Pizza which is next door. If you're in DC and you want your mind blown you have to check them out.


Later on that night, we met up with my friend Dewaynia who lives in DC. She took us to a fantastic restaurant on the National Harbor called Bangkok Joe's. 
My entree was ridiculous. I ordered the Crying Dragon; flank steak, with red onions, basil, a papaya side salad, and sticky Thai rice. We had the Thai Banana for dessert, along with some delicious (strong) cocktails. After dinner we said our goodbyes and posed for some pictures by the water.

I love us!

The next morning, we packed up and headed home with a car full of cupcakes to share with our friends and family. We had such a good time I plan on doing it again this spring! If you would like to join me or have additional questions about my Cupcake Crawl, shoot me an email at