Cupcake Crawl: Part One

They say you never forget your first time. I know I’ll always remember mine. It was so sweet and well worth the wait.  Hold up, y’all know I’m talking about the first time I had a Georgetown Cupcake right? This isn’t that kind of blog ok?

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 As I was saying, it was October 30th, 2010. I was in Washington, DC visiting my friends and attending Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity. After walking around the city and enjoying a delicious lunch, my friend Leah asked a question that would change my life (and my waistline) forever. “Have you ever been to Georgetown Cupcake?”

Before I could answer, she was plugging the address into her GPS and mentioned something about it being "smanging." 20 minutes later we arrived and I realized we weren’t the only ones wanting some sweet baked goodness. The line had close to 100 people in it. There was a door man, groups posing for pictures, little girls squealing over the menu selections.  I had no idea this place was such a big deal. I mean gosh, it’s just a cupcake right? 

We were allowed to entire after a 90 minute wait.  Seeing the beautiful cupcakes on display, pretty pink wall accents, and getting hit by sweet scents coming from the oven, made me forget about my aching feet and cold hands. I saw cupcakes and I wanted them in my belly. I had the coconut; the pumpkin spice and a maple boo berry pancake cupcake. Did I mention that they have free secret flavors each day? Yea I had that too!

And so it began. My love affair with cupcakes.  I won’t pretend I’ve been a loyal cupcake lover. I’ve spent time at Sprinkles, and Baked & Wired, both located in DC’s Georgetown. I would drive to DC about once a month to see my dear friends and I’d come home with dozens of cupcakes to share with my friends family and co-workers.

Soon, I became “that” girl. You know the one who goes on and on about some experience that you don’t quite get because you haven’t done it yourself? People thought I was crazy for driving 5 hours for cupcakes. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they knew of a comparable cupcake, I’d have enough money to err… buy more cupcakes!
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I hate to pull a Kanye West on folks, but each time someone tries to tell me about some other bakery I have to grab the microphone from them and say “I’mma let you finish but DC has the best cupcake selection.”  No disrespect to my local bakeries. There are some really yummy places in North Carolina. But for me, nothing has come close to my 3 favorites, Georgetown Cupcake, Sprinkles, and Baked & Wired. 

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So a few months ago I decided to stop being “that” girl. I had to prove to my friends that the cupcakes were worth the drive and the long waits are kind of cool. I wanted them to get that “oops upside your head” feeling you get when you take in those wonderful aromas.  And so I decided to organize my very first Cupcake Crawl. We would travel from North Carolina to DC in search of the best cupcake! Would it work? Who would join me? Can it be done?  I will leave you with this, yes it was done and it was freaking awesome!