Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me

It’s Valentine’s Day and I know many of you are off boo’d up at the Olive Garden eating bread sticks Lady and the Tramp style. I understand that some of your are at home, alone, looking at your phone wondering why the person you love hasn’t called and this post is just for you!

You know I love to apply what I’ve learned from studying at the school of ABC where my major was Hour Long Dramas to help cope with life’s ups and downs. And who has had more up and down days than good old Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy

Daddy issues, trust issues, Meredith is my dark, broken, and brilliant heroine. She really tore into my heart in this classic scene:

Talk about putting it all out there! “Pick me, chose me, love me.” What the clip doesn’t show is after delivering that heartfelt speech, Mc Dreamy didn’t pick, choose or love her. He went back to his whoring wife Addison and my Meredith was left alone at the pub while her love went off with another. To quote Cee-Lo Green, “Now ain’t that some sh…”

Luckily Mere didn’t take this rejection as a sign of her being completely unlovable. She didn’t give up on life and dive head first into the Puget Sound. No Mere, downed her beer, went home, and kept on keeping on. 

That’s all you can do when someone just hauls off and does the Humpty Dance on your heart. Trying to convince them that’s you’re worthy won’t work, and trying to change who you are to appear more compatible is never the answer. 

I will give her credit for saying those things. She went all in, no holding back in an effort to find happiness. And while it took dude dang near 10 episodes, (including some crappy ones with Chris O’Donnell playing a veterinarian) Grey and Mc Dreamy finally overcame the obstacles that stood in the way of their happiness. He professed his love for her, proposed, and made her his wife. Then he got shot in the chest by a crazy gunman…wait I’m getting off track. 

The point is, if someone refuses to pick you, choose you, love you, don’t let that break your spirit. They are doing you a favor, giving you the gift of closure so to speak. I’m not saying it won’t hurt. You might find yourself in some flannel pajama bottoms rocking an extra medium tear stained t-shirt pacing the ice cream aisle at 2 o’clock in the morning, but this too shall pass! 

Pick yourself up. Choose to let it go. Love and believe in who you are so much, that not even the man/woman of your dreams can make you doubt your worth baby!

Happy Valentine’s Day!