Dee-Style: Philly Wedding

Deidre + weddings = disappointment. I haven't been able to attend a friend/family member's wedding in over 5 years and I'm determined to break the streak in 2011.

I had 2 friends scheduled to get married last spring and sadly, both were called off.  When my friends Meagan and Nicole got married, I was sick and couldn't attend and when my line sister Toni got married I had a major work commitment that I couldn't break. The list goes on and on. I'm the Runaway Bridesmaid.

All of that will change this May when I travel to Philly to see my friend Shereeta marry the love of her life. I am super amped and so excited. She is such a sweet and kind person and I know she is going to be a beautiful bride and wonderful wife.

I am so ready for this event! I've requested time from work, I've made my travel plans, I am good to go!

I've even picked out my outfit! Why am I sharing this info now? Well I was able to piece together this look   with items I found online (on-sale) Why wait until May when spring fashions will be sky high and the selection is pitiful? No, this is my first wedding in forever and I'm going to do it up!  

I ordered my dress from J. Crew last week, and I am very pleased with the overall look.

If you have an event coming up I encourage you to check out the deals online! You can save yourself some money, and spend less time worrying knowing your outfit is taken care of.  Please tell me what you think!