You Oughta Know: Florence + The Machine

When I heard Fiona Apple's debut album Tidal back in 1996, I was shocked and amazed by the talent and sadness she possessed at such a young age. I was going through a dark time myself and being able to escape real life and live in her lyrics helped me cope with the changes going on in my world and that meant so much to me at that time.

I've been looking for an artist to fill this Fiona Apple shaped hole in my heart for a while, so you can only imagine how happy I was to find  Florence + The Machine, a new moody, artsy, sad red headed songstress to add to my i Tunes library. At first glace this chick looks a bit off her rocker, especially in the video for "The Dog Days Are Over" but trust me when I tell you young Florence Welch has created one of the best albums I've heard in years.

Lungs is an emotional and musical roller coaster from start to finish and the lyrical content is far from romantic. The songs are dark and the vocals are at times haunting, yet the album as a whole is so beautiful.  I know a lot of people will download Lungs expecting 10 tracks similar to "The Dog Days Are Over" especially after the kids from Glee sing it this week (I still don't know how I feel about that one,) but please stick around and listen to the less commercial songs like "Kiss With A Fist" and "Girl With One Eye."

If you're like me and need a break from some of the senseless lyrics on the radio (I'm looking at you Pittbull, ) give Florence And The Machine a try. It really is one of the best albums of the year. Trust me, she's a shoe in for best new artist at the Grammys.

Until next time!