Rally To Restore Sanity

Jon Stewart, you did good boy! Today was the Rally To Restore Sanity in Washington DC.Over 200,000 were in attendance, but I swear it felt like the sequel to Obama's Inauguration, because it was so packed!

The crowd's energy was intoxicating. Every person had a smile on their face, some were sane, some fearful. Some came in costume or had a sign in their hand. There was a strong sense of community and an attitude shared by all in attendance that asserted, even though many CHOOSE to believe that we are a nation falling apart, and on the brink of disintegration, we are far  from that. The majority of us are actually living our lives in peace, doing the best we can for our families and our community while trying to get along with each other. 

I attended because I wanted to show that I refuse to live in fear of those who don't look like me, think like me, or speak like me. I won't allow political, or religious, differences scare me and neither should you! Don't believe the hype people, things aren't as bad as "they" claim.

Now if you want to see scary, check out some of these signs from the rally. These jokers were nuts!