Deidre's Favorite Things!

On Friday, millions tuned in the watch the first part of Oprah’s final “Favorite Things” extravaganza. If you’re not familiar with this annual spectacle, let me give you a quick rundown. Oprah fills her studio audience with deserving individuals and showers them with items that she loves and people act a pure-tee fool.

Some gifts are low key like fancy chocolates, and others are downright awesome like laptops, iphones and Kindles. I’ve never been lucky enough to go to one of these shows. They say you have a better chance of meeting President Obama than getting into the taping of Oprah’s Favorite Things. She even turned away Brad Pitt’s mom a few years ago. I can’t blame her though. Like really Mrs. Pitt, your son can buy islands and planes and you’re trying get some scented candles from Oprah?

As I was saying, year after year I sit and watch this show trying my best not to be a hater, wishing I could be in on all the fun, but since that will never happen I have decided to make my own Favorite Things list. Check it out:

1. Frito Lay Sunflower Seeds 
Since I was a youngin’ I’ve been eating sunflower seeds with the shell. I don’t play that “just the seed” mess, you gotta work for that seed! Now where I come from you pour a handful of seeds, pop them in your mouth, suck the salt off, crack the seeds and spit the shell out. If you have to use your hands to crack the shell you will be talked about. Teeth only son, that’s the sign of a pro. Retail Value .59 or 2/$1.00

2. Trader Joe’s Beef Taquitos

I am addicted to these things. I love them so much I have them for dinner like twice a week. Yummy, crunchy, and cheap, they also make a great snack. If you want to class it up, add a dollop of sour cream and drizzle Trader Joe’s Pineapple Salsa over them. If you really want to go all out like I do, pour a glass of wine and it’s a wrap. Your life will be changed. Retail Value: 3.99 plus gas to Chapel Hill, the closest Trader Joe's if you live in Greensboro.

3. New Music From Adele 

So it has been 2 years, 9 months, and 13 days since I purchased Adele’s debut album 19 and I have been so aching for some new material. Last week Adele released behind the scenes footage of her new song Rolling In the Deep and performed the 1st single from the album 21 called Someone Like You. Both songs are nothing short of perfection lyrically, musically, and vocally. Adele worked with renowned producer Rick Rubin and recorded the album in L.A. Apologies to my neighbors who have to listen to me howl along to Rolling In The Deep at the top of my lungs every afternoon. 21 will be released February 22nd.

4. My Awesome Red Coat 

I buy a lot of clothes. I can’t lie, Iove fashion. I think I’ve taken my addiction to cake, pie, and ice cream and replaced it with playing dress up. I found this coat last month at Old Navy for 89.50. Luckily I had a coupon and got it for $60. This coat is warm, comfortable, and adorable. I don’t usually wear red but I simply love the way I feel in it!

5. Clara Marie’s Banana Pudding

For years I was told by my friends that I made the best banana pudding. When there was a party I made pudding, someone died, I’d bring pudding. You got laid off? Ok I’ll make pudding. My pudding was the truth, it was dang good. But I had to retire it. I can’t bring my pudding around knowing there is a far more superior pudding on the market. That pudding is made my friend Karla Comer owner of Clara Marie’s Bakery.

Creamy, sweet, smooth, and buttery that’s how you would describe the goodness that is Clara Marie’s. What I love most about her pudding is instead of using vanilla wafers, Karla has a buttery graham cracker crust that rests at the bottom of the bowl. When your spoon hits it, and comes up with the creamy pudding, it is the perfect blend of sweet, and salty. Check out her site for more information on where to find her pudding.

So take that Oprah! I don’t have a 7 day cruise on my list or diamond watches, but I do have sunflower seeds and taquitos for the first person to leave a comment! Jealous? By the way, if you want to see on of the funniest parodies of Oprah's Favorite Things check out this video below


 Until Next Time! Deidre