You Oughta Know: ASOS

So I know in my features Dee-Style, I often give outfit ideas. Well this week I'm gonna to show you some things I actually own. If I had a photographer to take outfit pics I would love to post them for you guys but that's not an option right now.

The point of this post to to show you that you can find great, well made pieces on a budget. When I met some personal health goals, I decided to reward myself with some new items of clothing. The problem was, I didn't want the same old stuff I saw at the mall, I wanted to stand out, and I wanted to find clothes that would fit my body and not kill my purse.

I found a site called ASOS when I visited Young, Fat, and Fabulous by Gabi Gregg. ASOS is the UK's largest online shopping/beauty site for women 18-34. What makes the site so special to me is that they have a plus-sized line (ASOS Curve) as well as straight sizes. Shipping is only $6 and right now they have free shipping until October 19th.

I took advantage of their summer sale and got some amazing pieces, check them out below.

 Stone Trousers: 11.80
 Lace Jersey Dress: 13.00
 Pink Tee Dress 6.74
 Bow-Tee: 8.43
 Skirt: 5.74
 Shirt: 8.74
 Tee: 8.74
 Shoe: 13.83
 Draped Top: 11.00
 Off the Shoulder Blouse: 18.00
 Jeggings: 8.00
 Pink Knit Top: 8.43
 Jersey Draped Shirt: 5.74
 White Tunic: 6.74

Mac Lace Up Coat 64.50

 Linen Bow Front Skirt 10.00
 Nude Feather Cape: 16.00

Great finds right? Sadly, most of my items are sold out, but there are so many other steals and deals at Did I mention they have Men's line as well? Yep, I know you're heading over to ASOS right now, but before you do, leave a comment and let me know what you think about my finds!
 Until next time!