Homecoming, Homies, and the Holy Ghost Tent Revival

I had an amazing weekend with some of my favorite people! Friday night I met up with my friends Kerry and Rebecca for dinner and cheesecake from Cheesecakes by Alex, hands down the BEST cheesecake you'll ever put in your mouth! We also had dinner downtown at the Mellow Mushroom then met up with my other friends Brie and Michael. The plan was to see Holy Ghost Tent Revival perform at Lyndon Street Artworks.

Holy Ghost Tent Revival - Needing You from Will & Friends on Vimeo.

The band was supposed to go on at 11 but we spent most of the night in the parking lot meeting interesting characters, telling off-color jokes, and drinking beer. We never made it inside because, well I'm old...and I had to go to work the next morning

 This is me bright eyed and ready for work after a few hours rest! I headed out to Everybody's Day Festival in Thomasville, NC. I was too busy working and meeting listeners to take any good pics, but I had a great time and enjoyed a yummy funnel cake!

When I got home, I was all set to sleep and watch my TV shows but I got a text from my line sister Dewaynia who was in town for homecoming with her new boyfriend. They were all hanging out downtown at a social hosted at a local bar Churchill's so I decided I'd go hang out for a couple hours. I ran into classmates and friends I hadn't seen in years, like this dynamic diva, my friend Jackie,

I also ran into my friend Dawn :)
We sat outside, laughing and joking so long, we didn't even realize everyone else was gone. This is what the club looked like when the 4 of us finally left.

We headed over to Fincastle's for fried pickles, burgers, dogs, and even more laughs.

 (photo courtesy of Fincastle's)

One the way to our cars we found some chalk,  an open space on a wall went all preschool on it for the next few minutes

We finally made it back to my place, got dressed for the All Black (attire) Party and headed out. I need to apologize to my hairdresser for going out with my head looking like this. I wasn't planning on going to the party, and I don't want anyone thinking this do' was done by her....

I found this dress at Forever 21 for 17.80 The necklace was from NY and Company for $15.00

Here is a pic of me and my line sister Camilla at the bar isn't she lovely!!

We had so much fun together, dancing all night, laughing and catching up. I can't wait to see everyone again, hopefully we won't have to wait another year :)

Hope you had a great weekend too!