History of Hip Hop from Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

You know how I talk about having friends in my head aka FMIH? I know a lot of people heard this term on The Wendy Williams Show, but I swear I've been using it since I was 19 and saw Titanic in the theatre. On my way home sobbing in the car, belting out My Heart Will Go On, I swore up and down I'd become friends with Kate Winslet, if only in my head, hence FIMH. I know that makes me sound a little cray-cray, but that's real talk, that's how my mind works!

I'm about to introduce you to some of my other FIMH. You might know them, umm, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake? Yea, we go way back. I've been jocking JT since he had that platinum blond s-curl do' in his N*Sync days. Jimmy Fallon won me over on SNL's  Weekend Updates with Tina Fey. The bond was solidified the first time Justin hosted SNL and he and Jimmy Fallon debuted the Barry Gibb Talk Show skit.  H-I-larious! Me and my roommate at the time, Nahdia almost broke our DVR rewinding this skit.

Now as much as I love Barry and Robin, I must admit the latest Justin/Jimmy collaboration is pretty awesome, maybe better. Here they are performing a rather dope tribute to the history of rap.

Seriously how can you look at that and not get hype? Loves it!

Until next time!