Dee's DVR Alert: Fall TV Guide

If you’re a TV addict like me, you’re probably ecstatic that the fall television season is finally here! All summer long I’ve been watching cable reality shows and DVD box sets to fill the void in my life left by some of my prime-time faves like Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.

This premiere week is a little bittersweet for me. I lost a lot of my favorite shows last year, LOST, 24, and Ugly Betty to name a few. It will be hard for me to open my heart and home to some of these new shows vying for my Nielsen points, but I will try anything once (except for that Kardashian show, y’all can keep that).

I tried to do this super-sized Fall TV Line Up for you guys but truth be told, I got totally overwhelmed! When you factor in the 3 major networks, cable, and syndicated shows, we’re looking at hundreds of hours of TV that would never fit into one post so let’s AA this piece and take it one day at a time.

As I mentioned before I am a TV addict and I have 3 DVRs in my home so I'm not freaking out right over how I'm going to catch all my shows, I got this! So here we go, these are my picks for Monday Nights Fall 2010. If you have at least one DVR you should be OK, those of you without one, get ready to make Sophie’s Choice because Monday nights are packed with all kinds of goodness! Let’s start the with 8 o’clock hour.

How I Met Your Mother CBS 8:30

I know everyone loves Modern Family and 30 Rock, they are two of my favorite shows as well, but CBS’s How I Met Your Mother brought back the concept of funny ensemble sitcoms for adults like Friends and Seinfeld when it debuted back in 2005. Jason Siegel and Neil Patrick Harris are overlooked by many for what they bring to comedic acting, Marshal and Barney are two of the funniest characters on television. Allyson Hannigan and Colbie Smulders are fabulous as Lily and Robin, their characters go beyond the clichéd female roles written for most sitcoms (the ditz or the sex kitten) and they bring heart and hilarity to one of my favorite shows!

90210 CW 8PM

No Brenda and Dylan, or Nat and the Peach Pit but I must admit the CW remake is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Dancing With The Stars ABC 8PM

I tell myself every year that I won’t watch this show because I can’t stand most of the “stars” the producers choose each season. Also I got sick of the ringers they would cast. We know stars like Kristi Yamaguchi and Nicole Shcrzing….whatever her name is from the Pussy Cat Dolls can shake a tail feather! I like seeing the train wrecks like Kate Gosselin and the inexperienced contestants evolve each year. This season seems more balanced so it is definitely DVR worthy.

House Fox 8PM

I’m not gonna lie and act like I’m a hard core House fan. I love the repeats on USA, but this is one of those I catch it if I can type shows. My dear friend Sabrina is so passionate about Dr. House and his crew, I’m going to make it a priority to tune in. I’ve already seen the season premiere thanks to a Fox screener and I can say I’m really excited about where this season will go!

Chuck NBC9PM

I’m a total Chuck-newbie but I’ve heard great things about it so I’m putting this one on the DVR.

The Event NBC 9PM

I’m a little cautious about getting caught up in this show since NBC doesn’t have a strong track record with action-thriller type shows. But when I heard that Evan Katz of my beloved 24 was involved, I decided to make room on my DVR for this one. It’s been described as a mystery, drama, thriller with an element of Sci-Fi which to me sounds like a little bit of LOST, 24, and Prison Break. Plus they have Blair Underwood playing the President of the United States, ‘nuff said.

Mike & Molly CBS 9:30

This show looks adorable and it is totally different from most romantic comedies in the sense that it tells the love story of two people who meet at an Over Eaters Anonymous meeting. Yep fatties need love too! I love Melissa McCarthy from Gilmore Girls and Samantha Who. I’m totally rooting for the couple as well as the show.

Hawaii Five-0 CBS 10 PM

Hot people, car chases, beautiful beaches, why not?

The World of Jenks MTV 10PM

Finally, MTV has redeemed itself for the foolishness that is Jersey Shore (yea I’m a fan of the show but I’m not proud of it). Andrew Jenks is a 24-year old filmmaker who moves in with extraordinary and interesting young people and documents their lives each week. This show is the truth, it is heartwarming, eye opening, and inspiring, plus Jenks isn’t hard on the eyes if you know what I mean. Last week’s episode had Jenks living with a 20- year old named Chad who has Autism. The connection between Jenks and the young man had me crying and filled my heart with joy and admiration for both guys. Tonight Jenks lives with a 22 year old who has been homeless since she was 11. This is must see show people, don’t forget to DVR this one!

Other shows on my DVR include Huge on ABC Family at 9PM, Weeds at 10pm and The Big C at 10:30, both on Showtime That’s a lot to take in right? Just wait until Thursday!!Did I leave anything out? What are some of your favorite shows coming on Monday night?