I am not a fashionista. I'd love to be one of those glamourus bloggers who posts interesting outfits of the day and show you how to tie a scarf without choking yourself. I would like to be that knowledgeable, but that's not me.

I am a baller on a budget. I'm not a size 2. My boobies get in the way of  many of my wardrobe wants, and my muffin top is now a bagel (but I'm working on that).

My point is, shopping for me can be difficult, so I am on a quest to find flattering, affordable, and stylish clothes. I used to roam the aisles of Target and Old Navy looking for clothes that fit me and I left with the same things each time, V-neck tops, and boot cut jeans. I never took risks. I didn't know women over a size 10 had more clothing options, stylish, well made, affordable options.

I would totally rock this outfit anywhere and feel completely comfortable in it. The purple cardigan has rich  color and the floral print of the dress is very feminine. I chose the knee boots to add a little rugged sophistication to the outfit.  The floppy hat is pure drama, but depending on where you are or what you're doing, it could be used to shield the sun from your face, keep your head warm in a breeze, or hide the fact that you missed your salon visit last week! I loved the butterfly ring (I have one myself) because it is unique and it compliments the floral print in the dress.

 So each week on Dee-Tales I will share my fashion finds with you! If you have any questions or if you need help locating items to create a certain look shoot me an email:

Until next time!