Brain Candy: Obama, Oops, Britney, Bristol and The Von Trapps

Well according the my site meter, you guys enjoyed Brain Candy so I figured I'd do another one! Here we go:

My friend Jorge told me about this video from Australia's version of Top Model. This is live television at it's worst. The host makes a major oops and announces the wrong winner! Check it out below:

Did anyone make it to the end of Dancing With the Stars last night? I tapped out because I was tired and didn't want to stick around for Bristol Palin or the Situation (he's on my list for being a hypocrite on last week's Jersey Shore). The video of an alleged booing has been popping up all over the Internets (yea I said Internets). Some say it is in response to Jennifer Grey's score but I seriously doubt that, the chick rocked it and the crowd loved her. Others say it was meant for former Governor Sarah Palin, you be the judge.

What do you think? Was it a Palin diss? Regardless of what the crowd thought of Mom-dukes, Bristol is safe this week after the judges gave her stiff quick step high marks.

Today Rolling Stone magazine released the cover for their next issue and look who it is....

 In the article President Obama addresses the Tea Party, his family, and the tired and played out "what's on your ipod" question.

In just a couple of hours, millions of Gleeks and Britney Spears fans will be GLUED to their televisons for the highly anticipated Britney themed Glee episode. Words can't express how exicted I am about this! I have high expectations as a die hard Britney fan (even through the head shaving and vagina flashing) I love my Brit-Brit! Here are some pics from tonights episode.

I'm really hyped to see Lea Michele's Hit Me Baby One More Time, classic Britney at her best!

And in closing, this story almost made me lose my mind! Did you hear that Oprah is reunited the cast of The Sound of Music on her show next month? It is happening y'all and I for one am so excited about seeing the Von Trapp family together again.

Ok, I have to get going, time to prep for Glee! I hope you all have a great evening :) I'll leave you with one of my favorite scenes from The Sound of Music, So Long, Farewell.

Until next time,