Bacon, Berry, and Bad Dreams

You ever have one of those nights where no matter what you do, your mind just won't allow you to get any rest? Your dreams are so realistic and unpleasant that even after you wake up it takes a while before the ugly thoughts are completely out of your system? I went through that last night. I woke up terrified and distraught, but I refuse to let it define my day, so I jumped out of bed, said a prayer for peace and began to re-build my day.

For me, music is the best medicine, it is the one thing I can count on to get me out of my funk and to get on with my day. Apolpgies to my neighbors if you were bothered by my mini concert this morning which started with a little Kid Cudi's Up Up & Away.


My mom always says, if you have a bad dream don't speak of it until you've had some food. Now I have no idea where she got that idea  but as long as I stay black (which is forever) I will trust my mom and do what she says. So after I jammed to Cudi, I took the kitchen to whip up some breakfast.

I don't usually get a chance to enjoy a nice sit down meal in the morning because we go on the air at the butt crack of dawn. I'm lucky if I get a granola bar and banana in the morning, so today I made some pancakes and bacon with a side of yummy fruit. 

To continue my feel-good morning, I sat down with the latest issue of Vogue and  drooled over the beautiful clothes and read the article on Halle Berry (FIMH).

I've always been a fan of  Halle Berry's. She has been through so much (most of it publicly) and is a testament to the fact that  fame, fortune, and beauty doesn't = happiness. Living your life in the media isn't always easy especially when your heartbreaks are so frequent and devastating. This is what she had to say about giving her first interview in three years.

"I was burned-out with having other people tell the story about me that they wanted to tell. I told my publicist, 'I'm not going to talk anymore. I'm just going to live my life and be who I am.'"

I can't blame her, but I am so excited to see she's opening up again. I needed my Berry fix!

So now that I've gotten that horrible dream out of my system, bacon in my belly, and Berry on my brain, I'm looking forward to a beautiful day living in light and directing my love and energy to all things good. 

Until next time!