7- Year Old Rapper P-Nut: Hip Hop is Back!

As a lover of hip-hop music, it pains me to say I am losing faith in the genre. Every time I  tune in to my local hip-hop station, all I hear is nonsensical mutterings by inarticulate MC's.

After Tupac and Biggie died, I hoped and prayed for someone to come along who could carry the torch that some thought would burn out after their deaths.

Hope came via a reality television competition. Sean P. Diddy Combs searched the country for an all star hip hop group on MTV's Making the Band.  He found, a star, he found and artist, yes, I am talking about the great Dylan John. What I loved most about Dylan was his modesty. Here he is being portrayed by Dave Chappelle.

Sadly, Dylan's career didn't last long. The game ended for him after just one LP. I have heard you can still find him spitting fire every third Saturday on the corner of 159th W and 118th St in Harlem.

Then there was Eli Porter. Some like to clown him for freezing up on the mic, but I know better. What you don't realize is Eli was just giving us all a second to digest his well thought out rhymes. Note how he jumps back in and finishes off his opponent in one of the greatest rap battles of all time.

But, like the others who were supposed to be greats, Eli has yet to release an album, and I still don't have a hip-hop idol.

But today, my faith has been restored. Hip-hop has a new golden child and his name is P-Nut. He looks like the offspring of Ice Cube and Queen Latifah. Look at the hair!  I hope that's natural look and his momma didn't sit him down and force him to get a jheri curl. But I digress, allow me to introduce you to the future of hip-hop, P-Nut!

Hip hop is back baby! And if you don't know now you know....