Separated at Birth: Bad Girls Edition

The Bad Girls Club on Oxygen is a guilty pleasure of mine. Basically, the producers have thrown a bunch of high maintenance, boozing, horny chicks in a house and filmed them as they hook up, and drink up each week.

This season, the girls are extra rough. Not the cutest crew of girls, and  they are all pretty hot headed. The biggest fool in the house is none other than Brandi. Brandi is a bi-sexual stripper from Cali who has the hots for her roommate Lea. Brandi loves to fight, and throw things. The most random act can send her into a psychotic rage. She throws glasses, tables, even a bucket containing vomit from a hungover house guest.

For weeks I've been tossing and turning at night, trying to figure out if I've ever seen Brandi before. Did she go to school around here? Was she on another reality tv show? Where and when did our paths cross. Then it hit me. I didn't see Brandi before her stint on the Bad Girl's Club, but I think I know her long lost brother. (Where is Maury Povich when you need him?)  Brandi must be the twin sister of  Mr. Antoine Dodson!!!!

The resemblance is striking right? I found this picture of Brandi and did a side by side comparison of the two and you can't tell me they aren't related!

See more of the delightful Brandi below. The sweet spot comes around the 35 second mark.

Ahh Good times! The Bad Girls Club is on Tuesday nights at 9 on Oxygen. And you can run and tell that, HOMEBOY!

Until next time :)