Nobody Puts Bolton In A Corner

Umm.... So yea the new cast of Dancing With The Stars was announced and I must say, this is a hot juicy mess. It is too close to my bed time so I can't get into the foolishness that is this cast.

Singer and Sex God Michael Bolton

NBA star turned Actor Rick Fox

David Damn Hasselhoff

Kyle Massey

NFL Player Kurt Warner
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

Actress and comedienne Margret Cho

R&B singer Brandy Norwood

Bristol Palin (no comment)

Audrina Patridge from The Hills

Brady mom Florence Henderson

Baby from Dirty Dancing  aka Jennifer Grey

Every season I say I won't watch, but I get sucked in every damn time! I am no Palin fan I am not looking forward to seeing Sexy Sarah with her flag pin and updo in the audience preaching family values while Bristol does the sexy samba all glittered up grinding against her partner.  I'm totally rooting for The Situation, I hope he takes that glittered disco ball trophy back to the shores of New Jersey.

The new season starts September 20th on ABC.